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Andrzej Borkowski named as one of the 2023 PAM NextGen Leaders

By arc@rate

Andrzej Borkowski, Head of Investments and Trading at Arcrate, has been named as named as one of the 2023 PAM NextGen Leaders.

The PAM NextGen Leaders initiative identifies, recognises, introduces and promotes the rising stars of the private client wealth management world in the UK and UK Crown Dependencies.

The 2023 PAM NextGen Leaders is based on PAM Insight’s experience and knowledge of who is rising to the top quickly, and why.

An open call is made for nominations to allow readers to suggest those rising stars they feel should make the list.

Factors taken into account included the reputation or performance of the company that the nominee works for, feedback from senior executives, trajectory of promotion/business development success and relative years of experience, and active involvement in promoting good organisational culture.

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