Our clients come from different places, but are all heading towards success.

1. A client coming up to retirement who has enjoyed a long and fruitful career initially as a barrister and then as a judge of a district circuit. His and his wife’s pensions have been managed by us with the objective of providing income for all the holidays and hobbies that come with spare time.

2. A director of a firm of Chartered Surveyors contacted us to look after his pension investments. During our first meeting he spoke about his family situation, in particular, his wife and three children as well as a widowed mother who needed help with an extensive portfolio of various assets. We keep working closely with family accountants and financial planners of both the client and his widowed mother. With regards to the latter, we have been managing her investment portfolio with the objective of paying pay on-going income.

3. CEO and owner of a successful contract publishing company (61) has been our client for a number of years. He runs his company during the week from the heart of London, however enjoys his country based life style in his family home in Dorset. We are now looking after not only his own but his wife’s diverse portfolio too.

4. Managing director (49) of a South London based IT Security Company with multinational clients has a long standing relationship with us. He enjoys running the business along with his brother, making all of the day to day decision. One of them was to let us manage his company funded SIPP portfolio so as to monitor and protect his retirement fund.

5. A mid 40s data management and marketing company director, has sold his share of a business and appointed us to look after his new investment portfolio. He enjoys his fast cars and family life outside of London. His portfolio is bespoke to take advantage of the equity market whilst preserving the hard earned assets.

6. A retail business entrepreneur, has built and sold a very successful economic research company and now enjoys acting as a consultant for Deloitte in a similar field. He lives just outside London, taking advantage of an easy commute to work, but also has a great choice of school for his daughter and a more relaxed way of living. His portfolio is aimed at steady growth to prepare him for a possible early retirement.

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