We’re investment professionals specialising in multi-asset investment strategies

Our Goal

We are investment professionals specialising in multi-asset investment strategies designed to reduce risk and protect wealth

Multi Asset Portfolios

We work on the principle that a well-diversified investment portfolio reduces risk and produces steady growth. We choose a mix of asset classes to produce a portfolio that best matches your expected level of return and risk tolerance. We allocate to a number of different asset classes, including Equities, Bonds, Cash and Alternatives.

An example of the Asset classes we are currently using:

We work to strict mandates

We will invest your money, not speculate with it. The investment strategy that we agree with you imposes restrictions on what the investment managers can do. As an example if you are a conservative investor, looking to preserve your capital, the investment manager will not be able to invest all of your money in a Malaysian technology company.

Capital preservation or income is key, depending on circumstances

We understand that our clients will all have different aims for their investments. An examples, some of our clients will be targeting Capital Growth for their retirement investments, some will be aiming to Maintain Wealth by preserving and protecting existing capital after sale of a business and some others will want their investments to provide a Steady Income during retirement. Overall, our objective is to fully understand our clients’ investment requirements and objectives and to build the portfolio accordingly.

Investment Committee

The Arcrate Investment Committee, which meets weekly, ensures that our Investment Managers abide by a high level of independent governance and diligence while continuing to meet their investment policy mandates in managing our clients money. The investment committee is made up of a number of well respected and qualified professionals with decades of experience between them, across a wide range of investment fields.

How we structure and implement effective Due Diligence

What processes are in place to help us avoid the next Madoff or Key Data?

Any fund that we wish to invest in must meet our stringent criteria on two levels, failure of either of these will prevent us from investing.

Investment Due Diligence

We analyse the investment strategy of the fund, assess the potential risks and rewards in the strategy and ensure that the interests of the fund line up with our clients.

Operational Due Diligence

We scrutinise all of the ‘unseen’ aspects of the fund, such as who is the custodian of the assets and where are they held, whether there are any potential gates or lock-ups on the holding and in what circumstances can these be applied, whether there are any taxes or similar implications for the holding that may make it unsuitable for inclusion in certain portfolios and which entity provides valuations of the holding.

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